Pick It Pad


Look at our new handmade fidgets that we have named Pick It Pad. They are also referred to as picking pads or pick pads. We are super excited to release our Pick It Pads exculsively to our customers first!

Our Pick It Pad fidgets are handcrafted with premium safe food grade silicone rubber and a range of different beads. They are designed to offer comfort and relief for anyone that deals with Dermatillomania and Trichotillomania.

Our Pick It Pad fidgets off an alternative for skin picking behaviour, aiding those who struggle with the before mentioned conditions.

They also help with fine motor skill enhancement providing a smooth yet tactile product aimed to give a positive experience. They also help with anxiety relief and can help give your mind a safe option of calming.

If you haven’t heard of these Pick It Pad fidgets, they can be used by anyone. The idea is to pick out all of the beads over time which we love. Some beads maybe easy to pick out and some beads can be harder. The silicone is flexible to aid to help pick those beads out. The overall silicone texture can feel a little rubbery or tacky but thats just the nature of the product. Once the beads are out, you can add them into a slime or make some craft or bracelet with them. We encourage recycling the beads when possible.

We can custom make and Pick It Pad fidget, just let us know in the notes of your order or email us a request. Look out for more designs soon and they will be added to this listing.

These Pick It Pad fidgets are designed, originally named and handcrafted by Love Slimes Co and can not be resold.

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