FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Payment Methods


We now have an extra deal. Spend $20 or more and receive a free mini slime. Spend $40 or more and receive 2 free mini slimes and a slime fixer bottle. Spend $60 or more and receive 3 free mini slimes and a slime fixer bottle. Every order still receive extras.

We currently have some fidgets on sale, so shop now before they run out. Some fidgets are not being replaced once they are sold out. If you would like to see something in our store that we don’t currently have, please send us an email. We also have some new and exciting fidget related products on the way, we can’t wait to share them.

If you have trouble checking out due to ‘not able to ship’, its a quick fix at our end. Please send us an email with your postcode so we can get your order finalised.


Our slimes are packed in 4.5oz durable plastic container with a white screw top lid. Our packaged slimes are very professional, with waterproof labels, including Australian safety information, and they are a very collectable range. We are based on the north side of Brisbane and we create all our slimes ourselves on site.

We strive to ship orders within 1-3 days for fidgets, and 2-5 days for slimes from when you purchase. Exceptions apply and delivery time is not guaranteed. You can calculate a delivery estimate by taking the processing time for your order and adding the transit time based on the shipping method you’ve chosen. Transit time comes into play once your item has been shipped. Some slimes are packed just before they are shipped to ensure the quality of your slime is at its best when leaving our office.

We have now added Local Pickup to our store. If you choose this service, we will pack your order within the before mentioned time frame or earlier if we can. We will email you once your order is ready for a contactless collection. Pickup is in Murrumba Downs.

Slime may arrive sticky. ALL ORDERS include a small bag of organic borax and care instructions on how to fix/maintain your slime.

Our slimes are recommended for ages 5 and up. Do not purchase if you think you are at risk of having an allergic reaction to household detergents, shaving cream, borax, cornstarch, soap, or scented oils. Please remember slime is NOT EDIBLE. Some slimes contain small pieces and are a choking hazard for young children. Always remember to keep your slime away from any pets, clothes, carpet and furniture.

Payment Methods

Payments will only be accepted with a credit card or bank account through PayPal.

You do not need an account with PayPal when using a credit card. All amounts are in Australian dollars. They will be automatically converted into your own currency via PayPal at time of payment.

Make sure you are 18 years or older or have permission by an adult or parent who holds the credit card for payment. Love Slimes Co is not responsible for any misuse of a credit card and cannot offer any refunds.

Return Policy

Return Policy

All sales are final. We do not except returns, exchanges or refunds if you have changed your mind. Slime is a product that is made to order and cannot be reused to make another product.

Please send us an email if your product is deemed faulty/wrong or if the material is different from that described. Our customer service team contact you back in regards to this.



We ship all around Australia, and we currently use Australia Post.  Prices of postage is subject to change at any time.

Our postage cost is a flat rate of $8.95.

The above costs are in addition to your products you are purchasing. We will endeavour to send your order within 3-5 business days. However, if the slime you have ordered is in stock, we will be able to send your order the next day.

Australia post delivery times can take anywhere up to 5 days but for those who live in country areas it may take up to 7 days. Unfortunately, we have no control over Australia Post’s service and therefore cannot guarantee how long your order will take to be delivered.

You will be automatically sent an email with a tracking number when your parcel has been sent. You may use this tracking number via the Australia Post website to locate your parcel. We also have no control if your order becomes lost in transit. Unfortunately, that’s a risk with any online shopping. If you have any concerns, please contact via email.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship our slime internationally. Due to the nature of the slime product a long shipping journey can make the slime loss its optimal consistency.

What is your slime made with?

What is your slime made with?

Our slimes can be made with the following ingredients:

  • Non-Toxic White and Clear Glue
  • Diluted Organic Borax
  • Lotion
  • Washing Liquid
  • Contact Solution
  • Foaming Hand Soaps
  • Food Colouring
  • Baby Oil
  • Skin-safe Fragrance Oil
  • Glitter and Glitter pieces
  • Air Dry and Wood Clay
  • Instant Artificial Snow
  • Coloured Pigments
  • Gems, Floam Beads, Charms and other small items for decoration

If you have any pre-existing skin allergies we highly recommend you do not buy this slime unless advised by your GP. Sometimes there are beads and/or charms that I use to accent my slime.

We have now switched to using an organic Borax instead of the traditional synthetic Borax. It is free of any fragrances, and any other harsh chemicals. There are some misconceptions about the use of Borax in slime. Borax powder (sodium tetraborate) is a naturally occurring mineral with many uses. It is an organic compound and is found in many detergents, cosmetics and enamels. It is used in slime in a very diluted form to activate the glue. Contact solution can also be used and it contains boric acid that is in the borate family. The use of Borax in small quantities is perfectly fine as long as it’s not digested. Scientific research has proven this. It is advised that you must wash your hands after using any slime activator.

Is your slime edible?

Is your slime edible?

NO, slime is not edible at all. You must not ever eat slime, it is made with non -toxic glue and household chemicals that can make you ill.

We recommend that children under 5 do not come in contact with slime unless supervised by a parent or guardian. Please keep all slime away form all pets.

Some slimes contain small charms or beads and con not be digested and is a choking hazard.

What do I get with my order?

What do I get with my order?

ALL orders placed will include a container/s of slime with a screw top lid and slime care instructions. We will also include some extras with your purchase. Please read our instructions to make sure your slime will last a long time and your play safe.

Slime Rules

Slime “Rules”

  • When playing with your slime always make sure to clean your hands and the surface you are going to play on. This area should also be a smooth surface void of anything that could get stuck in your slime.
  • If anything is dirt or bacteria gets in your slime, it can cause mould to grow in your slime which is not nice. Your slime will need to be thrown away. So, to avoid this happening, please wash your hands before playing.
  • Try not to drop your slime! If slime touches the floor or your clothes, it will most likely get ruined (the slime, not your clothes or floor).
  • If slime does get on your clothes or carpet it is easily cleaned with hot water and a washing detergent. Parents are best to help with this.
  • If your slime gets hard you can usually fix with a bit of lotion, warming it up in your hands or even leaving it in a warm spot for a little while.
  • If your slime deflates you can usually fix that with a bit of shaving cream.
  • If your slime is too sticky you can mix your small bag of borax per the instructions given. Only add a few drops of the borax mixture at a time to your slime and knead well. DO NOT add too much of this or you will make your slime too hard.
  • Always keep your slime in its air tight container to prevent it from drying out. It cant be saved if it’s totally dried out!!
  • Always remember to wash your hands after playing with your slime.

Please note: Do not try and re sell our slimes as they are copyright to our company.