This new slime is called Par-Tay-Tay inspired by a popular singer!

Texture: This one is a thickie slime.

Scent: This slime will be scented like ice creams.

Features: This slime is made by four types of glue and one glue is exclusive to LSC. It makes for a very thick slime which becomes the best holdable slime. I love these slimes as it is a very calming slime. It will not stretch as much as other slimes which is why its best as a holdable slime. Even leave it in its conatiner for the best poking.  It will be topped with custom glitters and lots of heart sprinkles. Its a great slime for beginners as it is easier to handle than other slimes.

Slime play helps with anxiety relief, stimulates the mind and senses, and it’s great for all ages. Different textures of slimes creates different asmr noises which is really satisfying.

This slime is now available in our new 4oz or 6oz containers (however both measure more in volume). It is a clear durable sealed screw top plastic container. All our slimes come with Care Instructions to maintain your slime. Slime is recommended for ages 5 and above. Slime is not edible.

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