Donut Fun


This new slime is called Donut Fun which is a new DIY Clay slime.

Texture: It is a thick white gloss slime.

Scent: This slime is scented like donuts and ice cream.

Features: It is a white thick gloss slime that you can add the clay donut clay piece to it to create a slay butter slime. It will also come with a little tub of clear slime to create a syrup on the donut. You will also receive a custom donut charm and matching sprinkles and glitter mix. Such a fun slime. We will try and add a mixing video in our feed and Tiktok soon to see the overall slime mixed up.

Slime play helps with anxiety relief, stimulates the mind and senses, and it’s great for all ages. Different textures of slimes creates different asmr noises which is really satisfying.

This slime is now available in our new 4oz or 6oz containers (however both measure in volume). It is a clear durable sealed screw top plastic container. All our slimes come with Care Instructions to maintain your slime. Slime is recommended for ages 5 and above. Slime is not edible.

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