White Base Slime


We now are selling our white base slimes for a limited time. You can chose from a white butter slime or a white gloss slime. They will come in a 250ml container. The butter slime is very smooth and holdable. The gloss slime is stretchy and makes great clicking noises. They come unscented and they are a blank canvas for you to create your own slime at home.

These slimes as mentioned before, come in a 250ml container (8.4oz). They come in a durable sealed screw top plastic container. We allow a small amount of space for the slime to naturally settle (inflate or deflate). Each slime is different, and we cannot change this natural process. All our slimes come with Care Instructions to look after your slime and a free mix in. Some slimes have a tendency to stick to plastic containers. Our tip is to get out as much as you can, then run your finger around the edge to lift it away. A little activator can help too.

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