Slime Activator


This product is called Slime Activator. This is used to activate your slime when it becomes sticky. You only need to add a few drops at one time, then knead it into your slime. Repeat if needed. Do not add too much as your slime will become to hard. This can also be fixed, just leave it in a warm spot for a day or so. If you can’t wait that long, add a little lotion and mix in. Slime activator is a must have when playing with any slime!!

There is only one size. Please stored away from young children and pets as this can become a hazard. Do not drink or swallow. It is mineral borax diluted in water, (1 part borax to 16 parts water). If you buy 2 large slimes or 4 small slimes (or more), one bottle will be added to your order complimentary. All slime orders will also come with a slime care kit.

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