Party Bag Slimes – Deluxe


Here is one of Love Slimes Co most popular orders… Party Bag Slimes. We custom make 2 oz slimes to match your party theme which are perfect for your special occasion.

We have two slime options available, single colour butter slimes or swirled colour butter slimes. Minimum order of 10 is required. They can be made for boys or girls or both. All slimes will be scented and will be finished off with some glitter, floam beads or gems to match your theme. Your order will also include a slime care kit with each slime and they will be clearly labelled with care safety. The deluxe slimes will come in proper slime non stick containers with sealing disks. They are very durable and are great to store your slime.

Special charms can also be added for an extra fee. If you require different quantities please send us a message on our contact page.

Once an order is placed we will email you for the details of your party, themes, colours and the party date to make sure we can have it made and delivered in time. Please allow at least 2 weeks, prior to your party for this order. For the birthday girl or boy, we will also include a 4oz slime with 10 ordered slimes or a 9oz slime if more than  20 party slimes are ordered.

This is an awesome party bag idea as it beats a plastic toy or noisy whistle!! We know that the kids would love their own take home custom slime!!

Please note, if swirled slimes are ordered, colours may start mixing after they are packaged.

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