Clover Bubble Popper

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We are super excited to add a new product to our shop. They are called Clover Bubble Poppers.

This new product is very popular in our house for sensory play, stress relief and of course fidget fingers! It has a same benefits as playing with slime without any mess. They are portable, washable and allows creative play at time, anywhere. These ones are a great small size to pop in your bag, or to put in your pocket.

How to use: with a finger just press down on the bubbles and they will make a slight ‘pop’ sound. Each of these Bubble Poppers have 31 bubbles to press, but turn it over and it is ready to use again. Not only are they can relief stress and anxiety but they are great educational devices to play games and help with counting.

We have 5 different colours available, lemon, pink, pale blue, mint and teal. Watch our page for new fidget toys as more are on the way!

Made from 100% environmentally high grade silicone, as mentioned before can be washed in warm soapy water to keep clean. Product size is 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 1.5cm thick.

Please note that we offer a flat rate shipping on our website, if you buy a single Bubble Popper and shipping is less than our flat rate, we will refund any difference.

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