Birthday Cake Crunch V2


This slime is called Birthday Cake Crunch V2 as we now are releasing a pink version!!! It’s a light pink gloss slime with heaps of large coloured floam beads mixed in. This slime is scented just like a birthday cake, yum!! You will also get a cute cup cake or matching charm. This slime makes great crunch noises and it is super super stretchy.

These slime will come in a 4.5oz container (however it measures more like a 5oz volume). It is a clear durable sealed screw top plastic container. We allow a small amount of space for the slime to naturally settle (inflate or deflate). Each slime is different, and we cannot change this natural process. All our slimes come with Care Instructions to look after your slime and a free mix in.a free mix in.

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